Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Erin's couch and chairs and booked till January

Erin was ready to change it up.... she was ready for a new look, she was tired of her floral slipcover. She wanted a tan neutral linen type fabric and couldn't find it at Home Fabrics, so she got creative and saw some Ikat and Southwestern fabric that was neutral tan on the wrong side and had the texture she wanted. She bought that and we used the wrong side of the fabric.

Couch before....

Chair before....worn and the fabric was torn in a few places. I was so excited about the shape of the chair though....BEATIFUL!!! I loved the lines of where the piping was, down the inside back and horizontal at the top of the arm

I knew the way these chairs were shaped, the slipcover would tend to pull and slide forward. So I stapled some velcro on the upper outside back and sewed the other side to the seam allowance on the top back.

Couch after....tan solid, we went with no skirt to show the nice turned dark legs.

I loved the legs.

Front of the arm

The scale of these chairs were perfect for the room, they replaced some lower smaller chairs.

We decided to do skirts on the chairs to hide the blonde wood legs, since they were quite different from the couch legs. Sorry about wrinkles...the fabric was prewashed and I bag everything up and deliver, so wrinkles happen and they tend to fall out later.

Front of the arm on the chairs. It's like a mini english rolled arm. LOVE these arms

Whole room. Erin is working hard on finding some blue fabrics for pillows and a new rug. She showed me bunches of pictures and it's going to look awesome, once it's all done. But for now at least she has the bases done. She promised to send pics once it's all together.

I followed the original chair and kept the piping where it was.

This is what the right side of her fabrics looked like...


Side Note #1--- I am booked till January, email me if you want on my list.
Side Note #2--  how to slipcover dvd is 15% off till midnight MST tonight (11/30/11)...that makes it $41.75 instead of $48.50 including shipping.



Kim's Upholstery Shop said...

Awsome, I love how you design the outside back to blend into the outside arm. Very creative!

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

This is beautiful! I SO wish I loved closer to you....or you to me....either one! lol

Lou Cinda

Tiffany Interiors, LLC said...

All I can say is wow!

Designed to the Nines said...

I love how you put your wingbacks together!THey look great!

Janet Metzger, Artist said...

You have done it again!!!!!


Janet xox

Pine Tree Home said...

I got my DVD today and watched it with a bag of popcorn. Loved it! I learned so much and my favorite just because I've been struggling with it right now is finding your corners before attaching top part of cushion. I can't believe how easy you make it look. Do you know I had a REAL crooked cushion because I didn't know how to match up my corners. Awesome job on the DVD. Worth every penny.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Wish you LIVED closer to me....not loved...dear heaven...I hate typos!


Lou Cinda