Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jenn's Home Makeover!

Two weeks ago, Camille texted me with the idea of redoing a room for Jenn to lift her spirits and to give her something happy and exciting to focus on. She's been through a lot in the past year, and we knew lots of people in the neighborhood would love to chip in and be a part of it.

Of course I was on board. Decorating and making something out of nothing is my happy place. Camille put together a secret group on Facebook and added everyone from the neighborhood, and people started donating time, $, and materials! About 30-35 people helped out in some way!

3 days later on Monday, we met with Jenn at her house to take a look around and show her the Pinterest board we put together with our ideas. Jenn chose an inspiration pic.


The next day we bought paint and headed to Ikea! Where we found some AMAZING finds. Entertainment center for $90 and 8x10 jute rug for $105.

Who knew there were so many options for white paint?? We bought 3 gallons of Primer, and 3 gallons of white paint. Thinking that would be enough. Mid way through painting we had to send Heber to buy 2 more gallons! 8 Gallons total!! We ended up painting front room, kitchen, hallway, and stairwell.

 FRONT ROOM---BEFORE!! Tan walls, sponge painted wall, and dark chocolate wall.

 Ceiling fan, swaggy curtain--but some great pieces we saw we could reuse. The pic to the left of the entertainment center ended up being our inspiration piece for the room It was a cowboy pic.

 We loved the crates and knew we could put them to good use. As for the patio chair, we put that out on the front porch.

 The room felt DARK. We wanted something light and bright, but still Jenn. She loves tans, browns, and blues. Here's Camille showing Jenn our ideas on Pinterest. She was quite hesitant about our all white walls idea to make the space brighter and more cohesive. But she said she'd trust us :).

We wanted to streamline the pictures on the walls to make it look more organized and clean lined.

As soon as we finished meeting with Jenn, Camille and I both jumped on all the local classified sites and found treasures! Vintage Yardsale Page on FB, Eagle Mountain 24/7 Yardsale page on FB, and KSL.

End Table $20

Half way built coffee table $20

2 Matching Chandliers $12.50 each

We have a wood shop teacher in our neighborhood, who made us these great box shelves with his wifes help. He also patched some wall holes for us.

We organized a painting party for Saturday, and were hoping to install that evening! We pulled this off in 6 days from the day we met with Jenn to install with everyones help! I even got help with the sewing! We had about 7-8 people show up for each painting shift (primer/topcoat). I love my neighborhood out in the middle of nowhere (Eagle Mountain, UT)!

AFTER!!!! The tufted chair we found on a vintage yard sale site on Facebook for $40. We kept the tan leather couch, we debated ditching it…but every inspiration pics Jenn liked had a Tan sectional. So we went with it and made it work. We left a space between the lamps for a new TV that Jenn's in the process of getting.

 AFTER--the Jute rug gave some great texture to the room and the coffee table ended up amazing. My boys helped sand, stain, and poly it. The crates we reused up on the ledge. We were able to reuse the spriggy vase on the end table and it worked great!

Restore had the second matching chair to the one I bought a month ago, and we snatched it up for $10. It was blue and would work perfect as our second chair.

We wanted a blue floral fabric for the curtains, kind of like the inspiration pic. We found this great Medallion print at the Orem Home Fabrics for $8/yd less my 20% discount. Don't forget to mention "Slipcovers by Shelley" at the Orem location and receive 20% off regular priced fabric as well.

I got the lamps for $5 each from the coffee table person. I saw they were moving and asked it they had anything else they were selling, we needed lots of stuff! She also gave me the grass sprigs for free that are on the coffee table. The two baskets were 60% off at Joanns--$6 each.

We placed the Cowboy pic over the stairwell. It's amazing how it popped off the white walls! PERFECT!

We also bought a few other fabrics for pillows. Blue pinstripe cotton and Chenille stripe.

We picked up some old books from Restore for $1 each and some other random accessories (glass, silver, pottery bowls, vases, etc. from Goodwill for $1-$3 each)

KITCHEN--since you can see the dining area from the front door, we wanted to freshen up this space as well. We hung the second matching chandelier and made a second set of curtains. The metal shelf with the plant we picked up for $2 at DI (Goodwill).

When we first met with Jenn, we asked to see her room. She was reluctant, but finally let us take a look. We were hoping we'd be able to pull off a "quick change" with little to no $.

 BEDROOM--AFTER! We found a chocolate brown bedskirt at Goodwill for $5. From that I came home and looked through my stash of fabric trying to come up with a color scheme that would be bright and happy. I had my old gray euros and foot warmer, and just enough yellow fabric to put on the front of two shams, and enough to do the rectangle bird pillow. I also had a round end table that was kicking around and not being used.

I called my sister to see if she had any king bedding she wasn't using and would be willing to give away. She had a white comforter! PERFECT! Then we switched out the painting above the bed with the metal piece that used to be hanging in the stairwell.

Not bad for $5 out of pocket. It's all about trying to use what you have! Oh yes, and it's all about the bed! Every girl needs a bedskirt right?

Jenn LOVED IT!!!

Total we got $700 in donations to pull off this makeover. Here's a bit of the breakdown.
$270- Ikea- Rug, entertainment center, throw blanket, curtain rods, and rings
$25- chandeliers
$30- coffee table and two lamps
$100- fabric for two sets of curtains and three pillows
$30- Goodwill--accessories and bedskirt
$35- Restore- chair, books, painters tape, trays, and brushes
$100- paint and primer
$20- Wood and finishing nails
$40- tufted chair
$20- end table
$12- baskets
$18- misc supplies

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catpal52 said...

That looks absolutely beautiful, and I love that you did it with so little money. What a nice thing to do for a friend!

Regine said...

A fantastic job and what wonderful effort for a friend in need!
You convinced my on the white, I have been debating taking my bedroom to lighter/brighter and this certainly convinces me.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful neighborhood! 35 folks participating. That is unheard of! Awesome idea to help this family...sweet certainly are!

K said...

That's amazing and beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful and so sweet.