Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Better After Blog

So if any of you are like love to look at before and after pictures of any, remodeling, slipcovering, decorating, etc. Well my sister Angie told me about this blog called better after where all she posts are before and after pics that are sent in to her. I emailed her a few of my blog posts and she featured me! Go over and check out her blog...

There's nothing like the satisfaction of making something awesome out of something ugly....especially when everyone is doubting the piece. I love to see their reaction when they realize they were wrong, and the piece was worth saving!!! Especially when that person is my husband, and then he has to tell me that I've got skills. Well it usually doesn't come out in those specific that's when I have to go grab a neighbor and she tells me that I've got skills.

I loved her site..and the different ideas and inspiration I got from it.


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Ali Richardson said...

Awesome!! That blog is really cool, congrats on the feature!